• 8k sq feet of open filming space
  • Grid built in with power to add lighting
  • Fully climate controlled
  • Show vehicle access
  • Hair Makeup Room
  • Green Room
  • Production office – WIFI
  • Two bathrooms
  • Production supplies
  • Parking

Nestled amidst the vibrant energy of Los Angeles, this film location unveils 8,000 square feet of expansive, open space, primed for cinematic innovation. A built-in grid, thoughtfully integrated with power sources for additional lighting, provides a versatile canvas for creative exploration. Fully climate-controlled, the environment ensures comfort and focus, regardless of the elements outside. Show vehicle access streamlines logistical operations, facilitating seamless transitions for equipment and crew. Dedicated amenities including a hair and makeup room, a tranquil green room, and a production office equipped with WiFi cater to the diverse needs of production teams. With two bathrooms and a comprehensive array of production supplies readily available, every detail is meticulously attended to, fostering an environment of efficiency and convenience. Ample parking completes the picture, ensuring accessibility for all involved, making this location an exemplary choice for bringing cinematic visions to life in the heart of the entertainment capital.