• 10k Square Feet
  • Concrete Walls & Corrugated Metal Walls
  • 200 Foot Long Open Alley
  • Show Vehicle Access
  • Parking

Nestled within the heart of the Los Angeles urban landscape lies a remarkable space, boasting 10,000 square feet of unbounded potential. Encircled by sturdy concrete and corrugated metal walls, this film location exudes an industrial charm that seamlessly blends with its surroundings. The crowning jewel of this expanse is its expansive west-facing skylight, allowing the warm hues of dusk to dance across the open floor, filling the space with an ethereal glow. Stretching out like a welcoming embrace, a 200-foot-long open alleyway provides convenient access for vehicles, effortlessly leading to designated parking areas, ensuring both convenience and functionality for all who enter this captivating haven.